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In the News

Having transitioned from his previous role in local television news, Chris Gloninger now proudly serves as a recognized authority on weather & climate change. Here's a glimpse of Chris's recent contributions through articles, appearances, & projects.

Climate Change & Hurricanes
MSNBC - July 2023

Chris Gloninger joined Alicia Menendez to discuss the impacts the climate crisis is having on hurricanes. They discussed rapid intensification & how warmer ocean waters are counteracting the impacts of El Nino.

Combatting False Information on Climate Change
MSNBC - July 2023

Joy Reid brought Chris Gloninger on to discuss the comments made by presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy & the confusion over the Inflation Reduction Act.

Ocean Heatwave with Climate Change
MSNBC - August 2023

100-degree ocean water temperatures off of the Florida Keys. Chris Gloninger joined Katie Phang to talk about the impacts of the marine heatwave.

The Climate Project
NBC10 Boston - October 2020

A 30-minute documentary produced & hosted by Chris Gloninger on the intersection of the climate crisis & social justice. 

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