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Helping fulfill your weather & climate needs. 

Image by NASA of a hurricane

Forensic Meteorology &
Event Forecasting

As a certified consulting meteorologist (CCM), I can serve as a subject matter expert for legal and insurance-related matters. With 18 years of experience as an operational meteorologist, I am also able to provide customized forecasts for any event that is important to you. 

Climate Change Stripes


As a communications professional, I excel in taking complex subject matter and turning it into easy to understand material for a wider audience. I specialize in content creation, media coaching and developing communications strategies for climate, environmental and weather-related industries.

Emceeing and event

Public Speaker & Event Emcee

Looking for someone to host your event or serve as keynote speaker? I have extensive experience as an emcee, guest speaker and panelist for community groups, regional and national organizations, especially for climate change and weather-related topics. 


Picture of Chris Gloninger
Chris Gloninger, CCM, CBM

Chris is one of only a handful of meteorologists in the country to have achieved both the American Meteorological Society's consulting and broadcast certifications. He spent 18 years in broadcast meteorology before switching to a full-time role as a scientist in climate and risk communication. He was one of the first on-air meteorologists to connect the dots between climate change and extreme weather. In 2018, he received an interdiscliplinary master's degree in Emergency Management with a focus on climate mitigation and adaptation. As both an atmospheric scientist and a communications professional, Chris has a unique ability to take complex subject matter and turn it into content that is easy to understand by a wider audience. 

If you need a subject matter expert in forensic meteorology, a climate communications pro or an accurate forecast for a special event, Chris can help you get the job done.

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