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The Nexus Between
Weather & Climate

Providing accredited consulting in meteorology, expert witness services for legal & insurance cases, effective climate change communication & coaching, specialized event forecasting, & engaging public speaking.


As an atmospheric scientist and communications professional with a Certified Consulting Meteorologist (CCM) accreditation, Chris Gloninger can bring clarity, precision, and professionalism to every meteorological and communication endeavor. Choosing to hire or consult with a CCM guarantees that you are enlisting the expertise of top-tier professionals. The certification instills confidence, assuring users of the high quality and reliability they can expect from the products or services provided.


Chris's expertise spans forensic meteorology and expert witness testimony, ensuring accurate and insightful analysis for legal matters. He also specializes in crafting precise special event forecasts, tailoring weather forecasts to help with the success of your gatherings. Delve into effective climate change communication with strategic planning and coaching services. Engage audiences through captivating public speaking engagements and seamless panel moderation and event emceeing.

  • Forensic Meteorology & Expert Witness Report & Testimony
  • Special Event Forecasting
  • Climate Change Communication, Planning & Coaching
  • Public Speaking Engagements, Panel Moderation & Event Emcee

About Chris

Chris Gloninger, CCM, CBM

Chris is one of only a handful of meteorologists in the country to have achieved both the American Meteorological Society's consulting and broadcast certifications. He spent 18 years in broadcast meteorology before switching to a full-time role as a scientist in climate and risk communication. He was one of the first on-air meteorologists to connect the dots between climate change and extreme weather. Chris has also received an interdiscliplinary master's degree in Emergency Management with a focus on climate mitigation and adaptation. As both an atmospheric scientist and a communications professional, Chris has a unique ability to take complex subject matter and turn it into content that is easy to understand by a wider audience. 

Whether you're seeking a proficient forensic meteorology expert, a seasoned climate communications professional, or a reliable source for accurate special event forecasts, Chris is here to ensure your needs are met with expertise and precision.

Chris Gloninger in Alaska.
Chris Gloninger emceeing an event.
Chris Gloninger covering Hurricane Dorian.
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